What is weather for kids

A brief overview of what weather is

Weather is the monitoring of the earths air and atmosphere. Records are stored on , temperature, wind strength and direction, atmospheric pressure. Using these measurements we can try to predict if it will be sunny, rainy, snowing or how or cold.

What is the difference between weather and climate

Weather is the day-to-day changes in the conditions of the atmosphere in any given area.
Climate is the average of the weather over a really long time.
A good way to think about this is that weather can change really fast and climate takes a long time to change.

Types of weather for kids

There are 6 main types of weather:

  • Sunny/Clear
  • Cloudy
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Stormy
  • Fog

All these different types of weather happen because of changes. These changes are in temperature, atmospheric pressure and wind speed and direction.

Extreme types of weather

There are 6 main extreme weather types

  • Tornado: clouds, strong wind, rain, hail.
  • Hurricane or cyclone: strong wind, heavy rain.
  • Blizzard: heavy snow, ice, cold temperatures.
  • Dust storm: strong winds, arid conditions.
  • Flood: heavy rainfall.
  • Hail storm: cold or warm temperatures, rain, ice.
  • Ice storm: freezing rain.

Again all these weather types from above come from changes and unique conditions.

Weather Facts For Kids

What is the sunniest place on earth?

sunniest place on earth

Yuma – Arizona
According to US weather records, Yuma in Arizona is the sunniest place in the world.
In Yuma, you can expect the sun to shine an amazing 90% of the time with an average of 11 hours of amazing sunshine each day.

Where is the cloudiest place on earth?

cloudiest place on earth

Tórshavn – Faroe Islands
Torshavn is the opposite of Yuma and has the title of the cloudiest place on earth. Averaging only 2.4 hours of sunshine per day and 840 average hours of sunshine per year.

Where is the rainiest place on earth?

raniest place on earth

Meghalaya – India
Meghalaya is a province in India that receives on average around 1,152cm of rain every year!
Villagers in the area often insulate there houses with grass to soften the sound of the heavy rain.

Where is the snowiest place on earth?

snowies place on earth weather for kids

Aomori City – Japan
Aomori City is the snowiest place on the earth receiving over 312 inches of snow each year.
Aomori City is so snowy that it beats the second snowiest place on earth by over 100 inches per year!

Where is the stormiest place on earth?

lake vicotria map pic weather for kids

Lake Victoria in Uganda, Africa
Lake Victoria in Uganda, Africa is the stormiest place on earth. The thunder can be heard here on average a whopping 242 days of the year.

Where is the foggiest place on earth?

Grand Banks, lying off the coast of Newfoundland
The area of the Atlantic Ocean called Grand Banks is the foggiest place on earth. The area of the grand banks on average get 200 days of fog every year!

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