Science kits for teens

Science kits for teens

These dependable science kits for teens and resources include everything you’ll need to confidently counsel your teen. As they engage in and progress through home scientific explorations.

Do you have reservations about leading your high schooler’s science education? For support, utilize the same high-quality materials that teachers use in the classroom but that may also be used at home.

science kits for teens

Lists of science kits for teens

Animal Dissection Kit by Carolina’s Young Scientist

Think again if you thought dissections couldn’t be done safely at home. This introductory package allows one or two of your budding biologists to learn about the anatomy of four different animals. Everything they’ll need is included. They’ll be guided through the process step by step.

Gel ant farm

Myrmecology is the study of ants, in case you didn’t know. As your teens examine ant activity. The ants inside this lit gel ant farm tunnel move in three dimensions, adding to the wonder. The gel provides the tunneling substrate, food, and water. So no other purchases are necessary.

DNA kit necklace

This kit does not require any prior DNA knowledge. Your kid will learn how to isolate their own DNA and transfer it to a microcentrifuge tube. This will be used to create a DNA pendant necklace.

Physics workshop kits by Thames and Kos mos

The Physics Workshop is Thames and Kosmos’ take on a distinct scientific field. Chemistry kits are well-known, but physics also allows for a lot of exploration.

Basic mineral collection science kits for teens

Introduce your students to the knowledge of basic minerals selection. This include muscovite, hematite, limonite, milky quartz, and more.

Soil formation science kits for teens

How do rocks and minerals combine to make soil? This collection includes a specimen list that details each specimen and its role in soil formation. As well as samples of the various rocks and minerals from which they are produced.

Earth force water quality monitoring kits

This compact kit allows your teen to test well water or naturally flowing water. Can be used for eight fundamental water quality in a simple and cost-effective manner. The canister keeps the tests safe and secure, and the kit is simple to use.

Chemistry science kits for teens

Periodic chart table

Chemistry lessons at home? Continue the theme with this images that brings the periodic table to life. It comes with a free digital app. This includes information about the elements’ origins, facts, statistics, and applications. It also have a compound builder that allows your teenagers to mix elements to create hundreds of distinct formulas.

Unknown substance forensic chemistry

Students play the part of a forensic scientist in this project. They use their senses, observation skills, and a series of chemical tests to figure out what the two strange substances are.

Drug detection forensic chemistry

Students take on the role of a forensic toxicologist. They try to solve the mystery of the Tainted Chili in this activity. To check if all of the ingredients are right, they conduct a series of chemical tests on school cafeteria items. They also take a control sample of aspirin (taken from the nurse’s office).

Engineering science kits for teens

Hydraulic kits

Everyone may benefit from a helping hand now and again! This kit allows students to create a working arm. While demonstrating fluid hydraulic and simple machine fundamental concepts.

Wind turbine kits

Everyone might use a helping hand now and then! Students can use this kit to build a working arm. While learning and demonstrating fluid hydraulic and elementary machine concepts.

Circuit paper kits

This practice raises the bar on paper art. Conductive tape, LED lights, jumbo paper clips, and coin cell batteries are included with each kit. Combine these materials with any of the worksheets, art projects, or greeting card templates available. Or create an original work of science art.

Electronic snap circuit exploration kits

Snap Circuits is easy and high-quality kit for students who want to take electronics to the next level. Because the subject is a little more particular, this isn’t officially among our “top options.”

Makeblock ultimate robot kits

This is the ultimate robotics kit, as the name implies. This is the absolute finest quality and greatest option. If you want to acquire a superb science kit for teens who are interested in robotics (which is not uncommon at all).

Galt science kits

Galt Toys Science Lab is a toy on science experiments (STEM Kit for Children)

Make a floaty ghost, a kaleidoscope in a test tube, and a bouncy ball. Play skin-crawling game, learn how to stack liquids, and create molten lava! A 32-page full-color lab book with 20 easy experiments. Provided to promote early stem learning and scientific thinking is included. Compliant with the National Curriculum and ideal for the development of scientific knowledge.


•A fun science kit for kids to provide early STEM learning and scientific thinking.
•Make a kaleidoscope out of a floating ghost test tube.
•Construct a bouncy ball
•Make a dynamic lava.
•Play a spine-chilling skin-crawling game.
•Learn how to stack liquids.
•A 32-page full-color lab book with 20 exciting experiments is included.
•It fosters scientific thinking.
•Corresponds to the National Curriculum
Excellent price/quality ratio
•Suitable for very young children.


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The majority of sciences are founded on our own findings. That is why, at any level, experiments are one of the most crucial aspects of learning science.

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