How much gold in the world

As of today there is 244,000 tons of Gold in the world ! (187,000 metric tons generated in the past plus 57,000 metric tons of underground reserves). China, Australia, and South Africa produced the most of the gold. In 2016, the United States ranked fourth in the world in terms of production. All the gold … Read more

Rats: Everything you need to know about them.

Things You Didn’t Know About Rats. You may be suprised to find out that, just like humans, rats are ticklish, have belly buttons and pass gas! Rats may not be a usual choice of pet. This might be due to the fact that rats are often associated with dirt and carrying diseases! Whilst this may … Read more

Tornado: Nature’s Most Violent Storms

Tornadoes occur in many places all over the world and are one of the most common, destructive forces of nature. Typically occuring in the spring and summer months, Tornados have certain characteristics. They consist of a violently rotating column of air which touches the ground and is often attached to a thunderstorm. Most tornadoes can … Read more

Sharks Attack: The odds of getting attacked

The chances of being attacked by a shark and being killed by one are 1 in 3,748,067. Fireworks (1 in 340,733), lightning (1 in 79,746), drowning (1 in 1,134), a car accident (1 in 84), stroke (1 in 24). or heart disease are all more likely to kill you in your lifetime (1 in 5). … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins are the highest and heaviest species in the Antarctic and indigenous. The plumages and sizes of the males and females are comparable in length and weigh up to 100 cm. Image Source Where does the name emperor penguin come from? It is named after the German scientist Johann Reinhold Forster. He was accompanied … Read more

Cool facts about bugs and insects

Cool facts about bugs and insects. For roughly 350 million years insects and people have been present and for 300 000 years only. One quarter of all known plant and animal species are beetles. More bugs than all plants exist. Blow flies are the first type of bug attracted after death to an animal carcass … Read more

Science fair projects for kids

Science fair projects for kids are one of the favorite teaching methods. These activities are all easy to try for anyone, and you have virtually all the things you need. Select a handful of your favorites to start the fun of science! Easy Science Fair Projects Construct a water clock Image source Requirement Big, clean … Read more

Science fair projects for kids, learn about space!

Space Books for kids featured image

Space books for kids Space books for your kids. Join us on a voyage through the universe as with these space-themed novels we rocket to the stars. These books will illuminate imaginations. It will spark curious minds into infinity and beyond. From fictions or photo books to older readers’ books. Space books for kids(2-5 years) … Read more

Magnetic toys for kids at home and in school

Magnetic toys to kids, Magnets is a great fascination for both youngsters and adults. They pique our interest and sometimes appear almost supernatural. Magnetic devices can help them develop their mind and inventiveness. We’ve compiled a selection of the greatest magnetic toys. This is for your children, whether toddlers, pre-schoolers, or older. They will find … Read more