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Astronaut Costume FAQ

How to make an astronaut costume

If you feel like a bit of DIY then making an astronaut costume for your kids could be a great idea.

To make an astronaut costume you will need a few things, you dont need all of these things but some will be great:

  • Aluminium foil
  • Large plastic bottles
  • Tubing (optional)
  • White children’s overalls

Start by forming a helmet with the aluminium foil, you can use a container that fits your child’s head as a template, layer a few sheets around to get the shape and keep layering the aluminium foil over the shape to increase its sturdiness.

Cover 2 plastic bottles with tin foil and use string to make straps, this will be the space suit rocket boosters!

If you have tubing cut a hole in the plastic bottles and arrange the tubing to make it look as if it works.


Astronaut costumes are based on real space suits! – find out below about real space suits.

How much does a real space suit cost?

Are you sitting down? A real space suit that protects the astronauts from space costs as much as $150 million dollars. One space suit costs as much as 15 private Caribbean islands!

How long can you survive in space without a suit

The short answer is , not long! . Around 15 seconds is the time you can expect to survive in space without a space suit. Suddenly the $150 million cost seems worth it!.

How does a real space suit work

The space suit is made up of as many as 16 layers in some places. These layers preform different functions, from protecting against space dust to keeping the oxygen from escaping into space!

As well as the space suit the astronauts also wear a cooling garment that consists of liquid that flows around the garment in tubes. This liquid helps to keep the temperature regulated for the astronauts, so its not too hot and not too cold.