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Globe Earth FAQ

Globe Earth: No budding scientists room should be complete without an accurate model of the Globe!

Who came up with the idea that the earth was a globe

If you have ever worked with triangles in math class you will have heard the name of Pythagoras. This ancient Greek philosopher was the first to hint that the earth may be a globe. He had this idea by looking at the shadows that are cast on the moon and determining that the moon must be round.

Why is a globe the best representation of the earth

The earth although not a perfect sphere is still a sphere. A globe allows us to see a scaled down model of the earth with the distances being trye to scale. A globe is said to be the most accurate way to represent earths curved surface.

How to make a earth globe project

There are many ways to make an earth globe project. Use what materials you have around you.

If you have a soccer ball or a basketball you could paint that with some green and blue pain , using Google earth as a guide.

If you have more time and materials you can make a Papier-mâché globe using a ball as a template, making a papier-mâché globe allows you to start incorporating topography to your globe!

How are latitude and longitude lines drawn on a globe of earth

The best way to give directions or move around the globe is by having latitude and longitude lines intersecting across the curved section. The lines going across the globe horizontally are called the latitude lines and the lines going up and down the globe are called the longitude lines. Using latitude and longitude lines allows someone to pin point their location on the globe using 2 numbers.