Cute Bats

Cute Bats

Our List of 37 of the world's cutest bats

Hoary Bat

The Hoary bat, otherwise known as the Hawaiian hoary boat is the only land mammal to make it all the way to Hawaii by its own accord. Normally found in North America the hoary bat’s coat is a mixture of brown and black with light gold features.

picture of a cute hoary bat

Little Brown Bat

One of the cutest bat faces in the world is from the little brown bat. This endangered species of bat has a round stubby body with large mouse like ears. Found in North America the little brown bat when fully grown only ways about 8 grams!.

Big Brown Bat

The big brown bat is one of the most recognizable bats in the world. Found in countless numbers in North America and featuring black skin and almost blonde to gold hair on their bodied. Just bigger than a ruler, the big brown bat has a wingspan of 13 inches (35cm(1 !

California Leaf-Nosed Bat

The California leaf-nosed bat is a part of the family Phyllostomidae which means, leaf nosed bat. These bats are only found in north and Central America and its natural habitat is hot deserts.

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

Mexican free tailed bats make up a huge proportion of ALL mammals in North America. These bats although small in size live in huge bat colonies made up of up to 20 million individual bats. At night when these bats hunt they fly up to 100 miles in range. On nights with a strong breeze these bats can reach speeds up to. 60mph (96kph).

Pallid Bat

Pallid bats can be found as for north as Western Canada to as far south as Mexico. These bats have been known to live for up to 10 years feeding on a diet of insects. The Pallid Bat are also great cross pollinators for cacti plants.

Brown Long-Eared Bat

Brown long eared bats are one of the most common types of bats found in the UK main island. These bats hunt flying insects at night and are most noticeable by there very long ears . A slow rising bat, these bats wait for over an hour after sunset before emerging which is slower than nearly all bat species.

Great Fruit-Eating Bat

The great fruit eating bat is a very distinctive looking bat having shorter ears than most of the cute long eared bats.

Spotted Bat

One of the rarest, cutest bats in the world is the Spotted Bat found in North America. So rare that the Spotted Bat is classified as a vulnerable species. Sensitive to humans and our impact on the world the Spotted Bat roosts in cliffs during the day and hunts for its favourite food of choice, moths!.

Desert Long-Eared Bat

An extremely cute almost all white bat, the desert long-eared bat has almost cone-shaped ears and lives only in North Africa and the Middle East. Living for up to 19 years and living on a diet of flies and moths the desert long eared bat is also known to have a little cute smile.

Canyon Bat

The canyon bat is a tiny little cute bat with a blonde to white furred body and black legs and wings. Found in Mexico and western united stated, the canyon bat is so small that it only weighs 4g!

Mariana Fruit Bat

A very cute and very distinctive bat is the Mariana Fruit Bat, otherwise known as the flying fox. This mostly black bat has straight piercing eyes, broad shoulders and is only found on the Mariana islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Peter’s Dwarf Epauletted Fruit Bat

The interestingly named Peters Dwarf Epauletted Fruit bat is a very cute bat with huge eyes and an almost mouse like face. These fruit bats feed mostly on figs and are found mostly in Africa. Growing to a size of 7.6cm and weighing nearly an ounce (25g) by the time the reach adulthood.

Grey-Headed Flying Fox

A native to Australia the grey-headed flying fox is a mega bat weighing up to 24 ounces (680g). Travelling over 50 km at night to feed on pollen and nectar, the grey headed flying fox is a huge cute bat that is the largest bat in the whole of Australia.

Ghost Bat

The ghost bat is another bat found in Australia and unlike the grey headed flying fox the Ghost bat hunts animals. This predator feeds on birds reptiles and only weighs around 4.5 ounces(130g). The ghost bat can be easily identified by its almost translucent white ears and horned nose.

Hammer-Headed Bat

Some people might not find this bat cute but we love it. The hammer headed bat is a very distinctive looking bat that almost has a horse shaped head. Hammer headed bats are the largest bats in Africa and are also known as the big lipped bat.

Lesser Short-Nosed Fruit Bat

An extremely cute bat is the lesser short-nosed fruit bat found in island in Asia. This fruit bat is an endangered species due to over hunting. The lesser short nosed fruit bat weighs just over an ounce and eats leaves, plants and vegetables.

Honduran White Bat

One of the cutest bats in our list is the Honduran white bat, a truly unique and interesting looking bat. Almost resembling a baby chicken, the Honduran white bat feasts on fruit with figs being their favourite food!.

Mediterranean Horseshoe Bat

An almost pig faced bat is the Mediterranean horse shoe bat, found in areas around the Mediterranean Sea including parts of Italy. This bat weighs up to half an ounce (18 grams) and has a wing span up to 23cm.

Eastern Red Bat

A very unusual and cute looking bat, the eastern red bat has an almost frowning mouth and red fur covering its body. The Eastern red bat is mostly found in North America and weighs up to 12g.

Soprano Pipistrelle

Not to be related with the TV series, The Soprano Pipistrelle is a small little bat that likes to roost inside of buildings. Found in Europe and measuring a tiny 1.7 inches (45mm) and weighing 4 to 7g!.

Big-Eared Woolly Bat

The Big-Eared Woolly Bat has some of the biggest ears to body ratio on our list. Coming from Africa and parts of Asia and weigh less than a third of an ounce. The big eared woolly bat is also whats known as a false vampire bat. This means it feeds on bloods and also eats insects and small creatures.

Pied Bat

The Pied Bat is the only bat on our list that you could ever confuse with a panda. This very rare species of bat is instantly recognisable by its white and black markings. Found in parts of Africa the Pied bat prefers to remain hidden, having only been caught and studies around five times!

Sulawesi Flying Fox

Another flying fox on our list is the Sulawesi flying fox and its one of the cutest bats of all. This large bat has an almost dog like face and has really large eyes. Weighing up to 14 ounces (380g) the Sulawesi flying fox is a fruit bat with its favourite food being coconuts and fruits.

Greater false vampire bat

The Greater false vampire bat is also known as the Indian false vampire bat and lives primarily in Asia. Growing up to 3 inches and weighting up to 1.5 ounces (39g) the greater false vampire bat has huge ears, some of the biggest on this list compared to the size of its body.

Spectacled Flying Fox

Some say that the spectacled flying fox is the cutest bat in the world, we love it!. This bat is mostly black with an almost chimpanzee brown face outline. A really cute and beautiful bat that looks very similar to the black flying foxes. 

Egyptian Fruit Bat

The Egyptian Fruit Bat is a huge bat from the megabat family of bats that is found in Africa. These bats are cute but can also be very scary for some people as the area a pale white but dont fear they only eat fruit!.

Indian Flying Fox

The Indian flying fox is the biggest bat on our list and one of the biggest bats in the entire world. This bat is also very good at transmitting diseases so its really important to stay away from them. The Indian flying fox is native to India and has an almost red to light brown fur on its body.

Lesser Horseshoe Bat

The lesser horseshoe bat is a bat that hunts and eats insects, this type of bat is called an insectivorous bat. Insectivorous bats only eat insects and hunt using the sonar produced from their ears. The lesser horseshoe bat gets its name from its leaf style nose.

Little Yellow-Shouldered Bat

Can you guess how the little yellow shouldered bat gets its name?, yes it has orange to yellow shoulders!. This bat is found roosting alone on tree branches and inside broken tree trunks. Found in central and South America this cute little yellow shouldered bat reaches about 2.7 inches in size (7cm).

Common Pipistrelle

Is one of the most common and found in the most places than nearly all of the other bats on this list. The Common Pipistrelle can be found in Africa, Europe and Asia and is whats known as a microbat. These microbats are tiny with the Common Pipistrelle measuring from 1 to 2 inches.

Smoky Bat

Found roosting near rocky shores in tropical climates. This bat has a little cute face with what look like large eyebrows. Eating a diet of insects and butterflies, the smoky bat is known as a thumbless bat as its thumb is partially embedded in its wing instead of being free like a normal bat thumb.

Striped Yellow-Eared Bat

The striped yellow ear bat is one of the most unusual and cute looking bats on our list. White markings run the length of this bats face and as its name implies it has bright yellow ears which fade into a sand colour. The Striped Yellow-Eared Bat is native to parts of South America and Costa Rica.

Greater Horseshoe Bat

A bat with an extremely cute face is the Greater Horseshoe Bat. This bat is found in lots of places including Europe, Africa and Asia. With its almost hamster like face this bat has got to be one of the cutest bats in the world. Weighing in at just under an ounce and eating a carnivorous dies, meaning it eats animals rather than insects, scary but cute.

Heart-nosed Bat

The heart-nosed bat is another large eared cute bat thats on our list. This bat can be found in parts of Eastern Africa. The heart nosed bat is a predator who eats bugs, this bat uses a unique sit and wait approach to hunting. It will perch upside down and scan the ground using sonar with its large ears.

Cute Bat FAQ

What Is A Bat?

Bats are mammals with special skin / membranes that grow as wings that allow them to fly. Unlike birds bats are in the same species family as humans and have hair rather than feathers. Bats are also nocturnal creatures that wait for the sun to set before coming out of their roosts and caves.

Why are bats so cute

Some bats do look scary but a lot of bats when you look closely have some of the cutest faces in the animal kingdom. These big eyed big ears flying night creatures scare some but for other there is not other cuter animal!

Are Bats Dangerous?

Bats do not hunt humans but they can be dangerous, some have huge teeth and claws and others carry many diseases that you can catch by being in proximity.

Why Is A Bat A Mammal?

Bats are mammals because they have hair on their bodies. The tree of life branched off and split life into 5 main animal groups, fish, birds, mammals reptiles and amphibians.

Do Bats Drink Blood?

Yes! There are a 2 types of vampires that drink blood, vampire bats and false vampire bats. The only difference being false vampire bats also eat insects and other small invertebrates.

What To Do If A Bat Touches You?

Bats can carry diseases that are harmful to humans. If by some chance you have touched a bat avoid touching anything else and wash the effected area immediately.

What Do Bats Eat?

Bats eat all types of things, fruit bats prefer fig fruits, insectivore bats eat insects and carnivorous bats eat meat!

What is the cutest breed of bat?

From the list above we think the cutest bat is the one that looks just like a panda. The truly unique and rare Pied Bat of Africa is our personal favourite.

Can a bat become a pet?

Absolutely not. Bats are wild animals and keeping them in cages will cause them immense amounts of stress and will shorten their life span.

Are bats friendly?

Bats can be friendly creatures but should never be handled and should always be approached with caution. Bats normally only attack if they feel threatened, like most of the animal kingdom!

What is the most unique bat?

Again we love the Pied Bat, this bat is so rare that it has only been captured and studied five times. This bat doesnt look like any other bat on the list and almost resembles a tiny flying panda.